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Homemade remedies for fat / weight gain


the easiest way to weight gain / overweight Hindi goa sleeve is Nirali to life those who have prescriptions to bother with obesity and weight loss Finding and on the other hand, people who want to be fat because they do not like them with their lean flaws. If you are in another category, then you should be happy because lean and fit are a sign of goodness.

Easy Ways to Increase / Grow Weight – Mota Hone Ka Tarika 

  • Do yoga every day and increase your weight.
  • Soak 10 almonds and acne in the water every day.
  • Grind almonds and drink it with the milk of butter, ghee, and jaggery mixed.
  • Dates are also suitable.
  • Make your diet chart.
  • Banana eating all day long.
  • To increase weight, eat ghee laddus.
  • In winter, eat ghee, fenugreek flour, dry gourd, and dried fruit laddus.
  • Eating a flower mound helps to increase weight.
  • Increase the consumption of fruit vegetables.
  • Eat urad dal and increase muscle mass.
  • You can also use diet supplements.
  • Exercise daily.

However, if you want to be fat then read it here, you have to eat food, you have to eat, you can try these tips which you can try at home. article and if you are underweight, then you must read and follow it. 

What should I do to be fat ??? There are different types of body. This is described in three types. One is the endomorph type whose body is only thick and it is thick even if it is eaten less. The second is mesomorph which is the muscle of the stomach and appears to be muscular and fit. The third type is the Actormart which is thin and thin and it is difficult to gain weight. If you are in the Mesomorph category then you can become more muscular by diet and exercise. If you are in the Ectomorph category, you will see less progress while eating too much diet and exercising. You have to be satisfied that you are healthy and fit. The way to be fat for a type of person is to take a diet of more protein and burst and exercises like an exercise in weight training like weight lifting, and that too only three times in the week is that the hormonal Imbalance in bodyUse  (household methods of weight gain), . Those who have mesomorph type can increase their muscles by exercising and right foods and can actually become like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The above is described extremes but most people are in the middle of these types. If weight is low, then it is not difficult to increase it.  is enough.  you have read any mota hone take get results and better than Ditoks you adopted before the | 

How to become fat ?? : What to do to be fat ?? For this, you have to take out all of your biggest detoxes first. Detox:

  • Nothing should be eaten solid food for three days.
  • If you want to be thick, add ginger juice, black pepper powder, mint juice and lemon juice in hot water and drink some salt and honey mixed. With this, the stomach will be cleansed, toxins will come out from the body and metabolism will improve due to which the body can absorb the diet well.


  • Do this experiment for two days. If it is good for 3-4 days, it is better to keep the fruit juice on the third day so that it can be nourished. 
  • Are you constipated? So remove this. Take the Triphala powder after eating it every night. Constipation will get rid of it and the digestive system will also improve. From these actions, your body will be able to absorb nutrient content. This recipe is the most effective recipe for early fat 


What to do to be fat?  This question will always bother you, for this, you have to change your lifestyle, read it here:

  • There is no fat drug. Do not increase the weight by eating a pill.
  • The thickness of medicine is that you make your lifestyle compliant to be able to increase weight.
  • It should take a full night sleep for 8 hours.
  • Be free from stress and if not in control then go for counseling.
  • Stay fresh in the air.
  • The closed room is harmful to health.
  • If tobacco, alcohol, and alcohol intake are stopped then the health of the body will improve and it will become healthier. 


Now let’s talk about the issue and that is to  increase the weight,

  • Pay attention to diet
  • To be thick, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet regularly.
  • Fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, nuts, cereals, and pulses should be filled in the food supply of your food.
  • The amount of protein in the diet should be 200 gm and muscles will increase.
  • To make health, eat eggs, fish, chicken, and meat for daily use.
  • Do not forsake the vegetable and the fruit.
  • If you take 4000 to 5000 calories every day you will gain weight in the body.
  • Eat more protein and work well together.
  • In order to get obsessed tips and body dispersal, eat empty stomach dates in the morning and drink milk together.
  • The method of thick fat by date is very effective and the habit of drinking milk daily. 


When using thick methods, do not use weight gain supplements, try to increase weight by weight. Avoid medicines for weight gain and obesity.

What to eat fat?  You will find the answer here which will make a difference to your body quickly. So now let’s go to the Weight Badhane Ki Sample Diet:

  • Breakfast: Always remember that while making fat, keep the breakfast heavier. Take one liter of milk daily in half a liter of milk, 1-2 eggs and any grains of whole grain.
  • Lunch: Lentils, boiled grams or rajmaa 1 cup yogurt or paneer, meat or fish or poultry or egg, because according to Ayurveda, if the fire element grows at noon, then take enough nutritious and heavy dose on lunch to increase weight.
  • Eat milk or fruits and nuts in the afternoon breakfast. One or two fists horn grains and one banana are enough. Remember that weight gain increases with tea and coffee, soft drinks and so on.
  • Take dinner lightly so that there is no burden on the digestive system, but nutritious more like veg and protein does. 

Now, remember that weight always has been told what to do, according to your estimation, your weight will increase quickly, eat nutrition and increase your weight. 


This is the method of being some fat here mentioned here and you have to make changes in your eating habits.

  • If you want to be fat, then eat food slowly and chew at chewing gum. Must have juice in the mouth. 
  • Do not drink water with food and drink water only after one hour of eating. 
  • The  most important thing in Mote hone k upay is that if you do not eat at night before 8 o’clock, then vata disease is born.
  • If you are complaining of stomach gas or constipation before taking measures to be fat, first treat it as long as your digestion is not okay, it is useless to try weight loss. 

If you have more potency to digest, you can eat 4 to 6 eggs in the morning or drink two liters of milk or both. Now what you can do to get it quicker to go, there are many ready-made items in the market that are got hygiene and there are many ready-made things that increase the mass but use it with the doctor’s advice.

Ayurvedic medicine has been instrumental in creating several herbs that muscular improve you health reinforces Now you mentioned in Ayurveda |

  • Ayurveda believes that the reason for being lean is due to excessive outbreaks so that the use of such herbs is to suppress the vata. Oil and ghee are used more to control the vata. Nuts such as Singhania, cashew nuts, and almonds are also useful. Cumin seeds, asafoetida, celery should also be used in the food. 
  • Even if the brain is more playful, the human being appears thin. If there is to be thick, then for the brain, can be used in the form of Shankhuppi, Mandukparni, Bhringraj and Brahmi and Jatamansi. 
  • Amla and Ashwagandha are an excellent tonic for bodybuilding. Asparagus also has chemicals for men and women and keeps the brain balanced. (Read more – Benefits of Amla )
  • Triphala keeps the stomach clean and the intestines are healthy, from which nourishing elements are eclipsed well.  
  • In obesity, it can also be used in the commercial, white or black muesli.
  • In this obesity, make a mixer of Ashwagandha, Amla Churpurna, Yashtimadhu, Triphala, Viqirikand, Mousseline powder and take it twice a day in Milk.

The chemist’s broad chest made at home – How to Increase Chest Size at Home


Chest enhancement tips methods (How to Increase Chest Pec Size at Home   – If you want the chest’s muscles to be developed, then it will be thought that you have to go to the gym. It is not like that. You can adopt ways to increase chests at home, which will result in good results. Just try  the home remedies to increase the chests here, and try Chest Growth Tips. There is no such thing that every day this exercise will have to be done. Even after three days in a week, the height of packs increases. 

How Chest Raises – How to Get Bigger Pecs at Home

Push up 1

  • In this method, do not do the same thing, but when the body is brought down, turn one side so that the weight should come on one shoulder and then do this action to keep the weight on the other shoulder. 
  • Take this action 20 times. 

Pushup 2

This action is also done 20 times and in the domestic remedy to increase the chest, put the arm under the chest and then push up. 

Push up  3

  • In this method, put one arm in front of the body in front of the shoulder and the other side towards the back of the shoulders and the body tilted downwards. 
  • Raise the body up and change the place of hands at this time. The arm which was in front of the body brought it back and pushed the rear forward.

Push up  4

  • To do this method, normal push-ups do the same. 
  • The difference is that the body should be lifted from below from the shock and when the body has come up, raise the hands from the ground, plant it by the chest and then lean on the ground.

Push up 5

  • To increase this chest, adopt a simple position in the home remedies, but lift one foot up and then push the cushion. 
  • Do that, but now lift the other leg up. 
  • To make this chest enhance the home remedies, give more tips to all the tips 20 times. If you can not do it continuously, do 5 times, relax and start again. 

Push up  6

  • Push it up but keep one hand on the ground. 
  • Then put the weight on the other hand and subtly push the body. 
  • The strength of the side also increases and the chest muscles are developed and the chest enhancement measures.

bench press

  • To press the bench at home, you need a bench and two buckets in which you can fill the sand or a plateau and then put a cask in both handles and bind it. 
  • Put both the buckets on the sides of the bench and then taking them on the bench, holding the pipe in their hands and taking them upwards.

Chest Growth Tips – Chest Growth Tips

  • To develop muscle, this chest should keep in mind the growth tips and the first is that a balanced and sattvik diet is important in which the amount of protein is high. 
  • Start the home remedies to increase chests here, warm up first and eat anything like bananas and milk. 
  • After eating exercise eat a protein-rich diet.
  • If you take 3 times a week and relax and take 8 hours of sleep then muscles will develop.

Chest Enlargement Exercise – Sqaure Chest Exercises


Chest enhancement Exercises: The chest has a chestnut muscle, which is the upper part of the chest and the bottom part The lower part of chest enhancement develops very quickly, but the upper part does not seem to be very unbalanced due to the development and should not be a chest which is not. If you try out the ways to increase the number of skin chests mentioned above, then the top and bottom pectoral muscles will develop. Then start getting started and will see the difference in a month, by doing this Schuur Chest Exercise and also adopting Chest Growth Tips.

Dumbbell Bench Press – Dumbbell bench press

  • Brush the muscles of the upper part of the chest to develop and try the home remedies to grow chests : 
  • Instead of Barbell, the dumbbell will make a skewer chest well, bring a board for it and make the edges of the bed or the bed of the vaccine 30 degrees and lie down on it and exercise with the dumbbell in both hands. 
  • A dumbbell is kept on the ground and then lifted from the hands with a lame and brought it towards the top and then taking the direction of the hand forward, take it so far as possible. Keep hands straight and do not twist with the elbow. 
  • Similarly, dumbbells should be pushed back and forth in the body, so that both of these chests will be brought in the home remedies to bring them to the waist and then picking the dumbbells and taking them back from the head.

Flye – Fly 

  • In such a gym it is well, but do not worry. Try home remedies to increase this chest at home.
  • Sit down and hold the dumbbell in both hands and keep the hands on the shoulder height and take the hands behind the body and then bring it towards the front and when you bring it forward then tighten the chest. 
  • You can also do this in home remedies for chest enhancing. Take a motorcycle’s tuber tube and put it behind the shoulder and then drag both sides to the chest of the grip and hold the tissue so tight that the chest muscles will tone up.

Chest Growth Tips – Chest growth tips 

  • Rep. 20 in the exercise mentioned above, rest for 4-5 days a week and then rest for 1-2 days.
  • Increase the amount of protein in the diet. 
  • After Chest Growth Tips After Exercise, be sure to eat anything containing protein such as boiled eggs or milk or mustard almonds either. 
  • Take sleep eight hours because muscle development is at rest. 
  • Start by lifting so much weight that you can afford and then growing.

10 Tomato facial masks removed from the scars of spots – Tomato Facial Masks to Get Rid of Pigmentation


10 Tomato face masks removed from facial masks (Tomato face mask for pigmentation: Due to sunlight, due to air due to sunlight and other reasons, the zygote reads on the skin and the appearance is deteriorated. In today’s era where there is a lot of show, then on the face, it can become a hindrance in the progress. That is why not remove the jhaya from the face immediately but not the chemicals. Here are the home remedies for removing the zhea, as mentioned by tomato, use them.

1. Tomatoes and oatmeal or gram flour 

In tomato, there are many such chemicals such as lycopene, ethylene, tomatine, naringenin, citric acid and anthocyanin which also contain antioxidants and also prevent the formation of melanin in the skin. Use tomato oatmeal facial scrub remover as follows:

  • Take a solid tomato and take spoon oatmeal or gram flour.
  • Add tomatoes to oatmeal or gram flour in the mixer. 
  • Take this coating on the face, keep it on for 5 minutes and then apply one coating and leave it for 15 minutes. 
  • Wash off the water with water.
  • Treat the syrup to 3 to 3 months in a week with tomatoes. 

2. Tomatoes and Curd 

If there is a quality in tomatoes to lighten the color of the skin then there is also lactic acid in the curd which removes the black stain. Homemade remedies for tomatoes and yogurt:

  • Grind half a tomatoes into a mixer with seeds and peels.
  • Take a spoonful of this paste and mix one spoon sour curd in it.
  • Fingers face with face, there are special occasions for 10 minutes.
  • Then once the coating is done on the whole face and for half an hour.
  • Use it for a month continuously.

3. Tomato lemon and turmeric 

  • The three materials have the properties of refining and whitening the skin, and their strength increases by meeting them. Use tomato, lemon, and turmeric to make face shades. 
  • Make a tomato paste in the mixer and take 2 spoons. Mix one teaspoon lemon juice and one spoon turmeric in it. 
  • Wash the face before applying this coating and then keep it from half an hour to one hour. 
  • Wash with lukewarm water. 
  • 3 times a week, if you need a remedial solution to face it, then there will be a difference in 3 months.

4. Tomato honey and apple cider vinegar 

  • Honey contains many such enzymes that revitalize the skin and the apple cider is in the vinegar, the asicic said, which reduces the color, then treat the zio as follows: 
  • Take a two-spoon tomato paste and add half a teaspoon of honey and 1/4 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. 
  • Let this lip stay on the face for half an hour. 
  • Wash with lukewarm water. 
  • By experimenting with it every night, the face will disappear and the skin will become soft and flexible.

5. Tomato Aloe Vera gel and baking soda 

  • Aloe vera occurs in the prison Many such enzymes that melted dead cells and baking soda, then the color of the dead cell nickel improves. This is the home remedy of Zhao from tomato, aloe vera, and baking soda: 
  • Take a spoonful of grated papaya tomato and mix one teaspoon aloe vera gel in it and add 2 spoons or one big spoon baking soda. 
  • In this mixture, finger wiped very well for 5 minutes on the skin of the dip, and then once for 20 minutes of a coating. Special rubbing on the facet joints. 
  • Wash with lukewarm water.

6.  Quick Measures for Tomato and Hydrogen Peroxide 

  • If everyone lacks time, then, in this case, he should treat Zyyyō: 
  • Tomatoes cut half the bud and the middle part.
  • Add 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide and half teaspoon salt in it. 
  • From this piece, keep on wiping the face thoroughly for five minutes.
  • Wash the face.
  • Use it early in the morning before bathing and see how the face is destroyed in a month.

7. Tomatoes and raw papaya 

  • If there is a wedge on the face due to the nail pimples and also the dark circles under the eyes, then it should be done to complete the shade of the face: 
  • Pour tomato and raw papaya separately into the mixer. 
  • Take one spoon from each of the two and mix it together.
  • Sprinkle this mixture on the wafer of the face for 5 minutes and then put it on the whole face for half an hour. 
  • At least this week, if it is done with domestic remedies to remove the zhea, then there will be a difference in 2 months.

8. Tomato, Yashtimandhu

  • Yashtimandhu has such properties that remove the stains of the face on the face. This should be done to remedy the scalp of the face like this: 
  • Take tomato paste 2 spoons and mix one spoonful Yashimandhu powder.
  • Allow this mixture to hang out with the wetness of the face and then apply it on the whole face for 30 minutes. 
  • Wash with lukewarm water.  

9.  Tomato potato cure 

To treat instant shades, then do it for domestic remedies to remove their: 

  • Take a big potato and cut it from two sides in length. 
  • Hold a potato in hand and apply a tomato paste on the cut surface and then keep the face from the chopped potatoes and keep doing it for 10 minutes. 
  • Wash the face with lukewarm water.
  • If possible, take a reminder to remove this face every day or even three times a week.

10. Tomatoes and Almond oil 

If the skin is dry and stained, then in the home remedies to remove the Zhao, it should be done to make ends meet the wafer of the face:  
grind tomatoes into the grinder. 

  • Mix one spoon of almond oil into it. Do not have almond oil, soak almonds and grind them with tomatoes.
  • Put this paste on the face and repeat it again for half an hour. 
  • The skin becomes fragile and the stain disappears in 3 months.

Eat the tomatoes and put them on the face too. From inside and out you will get a glow

Benefits and Disadvantages of Basil – Tulsi Benefits and Side Effects


Benefits and disadvantages of Tulsi (Tulsi benefits and side effects, is worshiped because it is the home of Lakshmi Mata. A basil plant is found in every house, and it does not only offer worship, but also in the form of medicine. Basil leaves, seeds, sticks and roots also come in the work of medicine.and how to get the benefits of tulsi leaf use tulsi leaf.

Benefits of Tulsi in Fever – Tulsi benefits for fever 

  • Fever is a symptom of infection in the body and to remove the fever, tulsi juice alone should be taken with honey, cardamom, cloves and black pepper three times a day, fever is suppressed.
  • Whether there is a fever of malaria or cholera or dysentery, boil the basil leaf with ginger, lemon, black pepper and drink this water with honey twice a day, the fever is suppressed soon because tulsi There are many such chemicals that are insecticidal and anti-fungal.
  • Tulsi Benefits for small children from Buddo are special in fever, just remove the juice of citrus and give the child a spoon every four times a day.


Use of Basil in Diabetes – Tulsi Benefits for diabetics 

  • Benefits for diabetic patients is basil leaves  , it keeps the blood sugar under control, just daily Tulsi extracts or oils, basil leaf powder or basil juice. If you consume it, it is full of freshness and energy all day long.
  • Tulsi benefits are not only for control of blood sugar but it also helps to build insulin and also makes use of the heart stronger.
  • Because basil leaves contain poison-resistant elements, it keeps the body healthy and with the kidneys, which have the effect of diabetes, they also remain healthy only by consuming regular basil juice.


Tulsi remedy remedies – Tulsi for stress relief

  • In today’s stressful life, hormones come out of the glands that spoil the brain and physical condition. For this tension, Tulsi Green TPA and Tulsi Green Tea Benefit will get poison, the function of the glands will increase and sleep will be well taken at night.
  • In Basil, eugenol, and caryophyllene which dissolve in water on the preparation of basil green tea and reduce the stress in the body. Green tea has theobromine, which is helpful in suppressing stress.
  • The tulsi benefit, which is the beginning of the day, and the tulsi benefit which is the beginning of the day, no matter how tense the stress is on the whole day, its body and mind will not be affected. Tulsi leaf green tea at night and found a good sleep.

Treat kidney stones with basil juice – Tulsi for kidney stones 

  • Pulses of Tulsi juice or basil leaves found in green tea, it prevents uric acid in the kidneys, so that the stone does not form.
  • Benefits of Tulsi for gall bladder stone To get the benefits of basil in the kidney stones, basil juice mixed with honey is PA and stone, so to taste and to take out the juice of basil juice and pattarchatta leaf juice Take 15 to Dino.

Take Tulsi leaves away from cancer – Tulsi leaves benefits for cancer 

  • Basil health benefits: Basil has a lot of benefits and protecting against cancer is one of them, just eat a spoonful of basil juice every day, then the chemicals in it will remove the poison from the body, destroy the bacteria, Will increase the efficiency and keep cancer away.
  • Tulsi green tea ke fayde: Take only 10 leaves of basil and regularly drink it juice or drink with the green tea and drink different types of cancers.
  • Keeping it safe from cancer, when the principle of eugenol in Basil and grinding the leaves, this element comes out of the basil juice, hence the Basil juice is also beneficial.

Helping to stop smoking medicinal properties of Tulsi – Benefit of tulsi to help you stop smoking 

  • Basil leaves benefits for smoking i: If you can not stop smoking then know the advantages of basil leaf which can stop smoking. Just keep basil leaves and chew them every day and if you want to smoke, after chewing tea after chewing betel leaves, the test will not be good and the cessation which is inside you will be suppressed and smoking will stop.
  • Many people use dried basil leaves in exchange for tobacco and its smoking gradually eliminates the desire to smoke tobacco.
  • Smoking is to be stopped and to avoid the effect of tobacco cancer, continue to drink basil juice every day. This leads to harmful tobacco chemicals in the lungs and in the mind also the desire for smoking decreases.

 Benefits of Basil Facial – Tulsi Benefits for skin 

  • For skin learn how to use basil leaves – just grind it and put it on the face of other ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, lemon juice mixed with black stains, wrinkles and lifeless skin. Comes acceleration.
  • Benefits of Basil (tulsi benefit for face i) is  that if it is nail and acne, then apply juice of basil and neem leaves, then the skin becomes perfectly softer.
  • If any worm has bitten, then the extraction of basil will reduce irritation and pain.
  • Basil is also a panacea for skin in eczema, herpes and itching.


Use of Tulsi for Balo – Tulsi benefits for hair 

  • For the benefit of Basil, it is that if it becomes a Russian, then it is erased, just massage the roots of basil juice and mango juice mixed with juice.
  • If there is the shortage of hair , shortage of hair , short hair and hair is weak or lifeless, then if you keep on sucking basil juice and drink it, then there will be the difference in one month.


Benefits of Basil boost immunity – Tulsi leaves benefits for immunity 

  • In addition to eugenol in Tulsi, there are many elements that expel toxins out of the body, improve digestion, purify the blood, strengthen the glands, resulting in the increase of immune system from basil Goes.
  • The tulsi benefits of Tulsi is that by consuming it, mucus exits from the body and defects are extinguished, which increases immunity.
  • Regular intake of Tulsi leaf, antibodies in the blood are in good evidence and the immune system increases and the lymph glands also work in the vigor.

Treat the pain with the benefit of Basil – Tulsi benefits for pain relief 

  • The pain in the stomach is due to dysfunction or due to gas, or pain in the body or pain in the head, Tulsi juice is a panacea for everyone.
  • If you get hurt, grind the basil leaves and coat it with turmeric and mustard oil and tie the bandage will reduce the pain.
  • Green Tulsi Tea Benefits  :  acidity basil juice for pain in the stomach to take full advantage of drink or basil green tea and redeemed from pain because in Basil chemical fix all disorders |


 Treat diarrhea with the medicinal properties of Tulsi – Tulsi benefits for loose motion 

  • If there is a scab for any reason, then break the basil leaf on the basil plant in the pot in the house, grind it and keep drinking it three times a day.
  • Due to the juice of paan (eating pan) mixed with basil juice, diarrhea is also closed.
  • Benefits of basil extracts or basil juice is very effective in getting rid of diarrhea because it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and diarrhea, especially if it is caused by bacteria or fungus, the benefits of basil can be found for diarrhea.

Benefits of Basil juice for irregular mahavari – Tulsi benefits for irregular periods 

  • Many women suffer pain during the mohawri and in such cases, the juice of Tulsi juice or dry basil leaves, celery, Tamal Patra, Nimm gum and dry ginger boiled water and drink this Kavitha, it is necessary to reduce the pain.
  • If there is a propagation of blood during the Mohave or internal blood, then take the root of basil and take it with the leaves of paan and keep on drinking the decoction of basil leaves, then the cervical discomfort gets cured.
  • In irregular menstruation, only the juice of Tulsi or Ashok bark mixed with Lodhara and the preparation of the decoction of Mahavari will start coming at the right time and it is also easy to conceive.
  • Tulsi seeds health benefits for women are numerous. Women should eat Tulsi seeds because the Basil seeds prove very beneficial in all these troubles.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha Benefits and Side Effects


Ashwagandha’s advantages, qualities, uses, loss (Ashwagandha benefits and side effects Ashwagandha is a unique place in the world of Ayurveda. If Amla is nectar, then Ashwagandha is also nothing less. Ashwagandha powders have special advantages and qualities that it increases the body’s ojas and with the brain, creates new consciousness in the muscles. Ashwagandha is chemistry and helps in keeping human puberty. Not only this, the benefits of Ashwagandha are countless. Know ashwagandha benefits,  avoiding Ashwagandha, Patanjali ashwagandha capsule

Countless benefits of Ashwagandha

  • Eat ashwagandha and increase hair blackness.
  • Ashwagandha is an effective medicine for anti-aging.
  • Ashwagandha increases the ability to fight with diseases of the body.
  • Ashwagandha consumption increases sex power.
  • Ashwagandha is also beneficial in diabetes. 
  • Ashwagandha also relaxes the mind.
  • Ashwagandha is helpful in taking the sleep.

The root of the Ashwagandha plant is used in the dry powder of it. Because its odor is similar to that of a horse’s vampire, hence it has been named as Ashwagandha. Well, this invaluable drug gives men and women the benefit if the power of the root of its origin is consumed.

Ashwagandha’s hot water is consumed and it should be consumed with other herbs so that your body does not get too much heat which can be harmful to the health.

It is said that Ashwagandha is the best chemistry drug for men. Ashwagandha churna benefits for men, tell me that this is true. Thus gives Ashwagandha men the advantage.

  • Raises the ozone in men, which enhances the skin of the face. The face blows from the youth The brain stays fast till the longevity.
  • Ashwagandha is resilience and increases the power of empowerment. Those who are suffering from gender-related or premature ejaculation, such men should be consumed daily in the morning and in Ashwagandha milk.
  • Ashwagandha churna benefits for men: With the use of Ashwagandha, the hair remains black for a long time.
  • Red blood count in the Ashwagandha body increases the number of hemoglobin.
  • This intake increases the amount of sperm, increases the force, the immune system is strong, and cough and biliary defects are extinguished. 
  • The muscle that develops when Ashwagandha consumes the powder is a lean thin.

Advantages of Ashwagandha Powder – Ashwagandha Powder Benefits 

  • Are you bothered with everyday run and diligence? Pouring Ashwagandha powder in the morning and hot milk in the night. 
  • The benefits of Ashwagandha powders are always beneficial for our body, its consumption removes stress fatigue and increases the evidence of concentration and energy. 
  • If the child studying is given to the child, then the memory power of it increases. Game jump also becomes instant.
  • It is not only for the child and the young. In the growing age, the destruction of the brain cell, due to the consumption of Ashwagandha, stops.
  • For the sake of Ashwagandha, it is also important to know the benefits of Ashwagandha, for women, it also gives the benefit of evasion and if the problem is taken with asparagus then the problem related to Mahavira decreases.
  • Ashwagandha Powder Benefit is another one that protects you from malaria.
  • You can download Ashwagandha benefits pdf or read about it here. If your mood remains down, use Ashwagandha regularly. 
  • The qualities of Ashwagandha are so rare that they sing. This miraculous medicine also provides relief to cancer patients. 
  • Ashwagandha has many qualities as it is common to have a weakness in diabetes. It helps remove blood sugar as well as keep blood sugar in control.
  • It is also very beneficial for TB patients. Ashwagandha is helpful in reducing the effect of this disease by reducing the problem quickly.
  • Not only the original but the leaves of Ashwagandha and the juice of the fruit are found on the problem of the skin and the knot, it disappears. Use Ashwagandha in oil to apply it on the skin.  
  • Benefits of ashwagandha powder: This is a great tonic for the liver. If there is any liver-related problem then Ashwagandha should eat. If there is a quick recovery from the joints, then eat Ashwagandha powder with tamarind.
  • If there is inflammation in the body and is troubled by arthritis, such people benefit from Ashwagandha powders. Ashwagandha leaves should be planted on top of the swollen place. 
  • Ashwagandha’s daily consumption also keeps your eyes full of light. The catacent will not happen quickly. Keep reading the benefits of Ashwagandha.
  • The benefits of Ashwagandha are able to keep your heart strong. 
  • Because Ashwagandha is chemistry and reduces cholesterol and improves the digestive system, then you can also say that Ashwagandha Benefits for Wet lot is also valuable.

Because there is an impression in the mind of the people that Ashwagandha is resignation, then it has become a drug for men. Ashwagandha Benefit is a lot and it gives women the same benefit:

  • Be aware that daily use of this mixture comes from the hormonal balance in the body.
  • Ashwagandha and Ashwagandha are good for women at the time of menopause because the use of this from the symptoms such as hot flashes and mood changes is reduced.
  • By eating Ashwangandha Shatavari and Viadkhandand, the force increases in women and also increases the desire for kak with which they spend a happy life with their husbands.
  • With the Ashwagandha drinking Laddra and the decoction of the Ashoka trick, the Mahavai becomes regular.
  • Ashwagandha gives women the freedom of change and mood of the mood.
  • Because ashwagandha improves thyroid, due to which fertility is also true, which helps in getting pregnant, this invaluable herb is Ashwagandha.
  • Another advantage is for women, from Ashwagandha and that the regular consumption of Ashwagandha provides protection from breast cancer.

How to eat Ashwagandha powder – 

  • Ashwagandha powders are mostly used. When should Ashwagandha be eaten? It is an easy way to ensure that a spoonful Ashwagandha powder is consumed in milk and used during the morning and night, the affirmative benefits of this will be seen in 3 months.
  • Ashwagandha Capsules Benefits in Hindi: Apart from this, you can buy it in the capsule form today. Ashwagandha Capsules is like powdered milk. Eat 2-4 capsules daily. 
  • In Ashwagandha, it can be consumed by boiling the root in water, making it a decoction or a threat.
  • If you want to use the increase in the increase, then Ashwagandha powder should be mixed with ghee, sugar, and honey.
  • People suffering from leprosy disease have a lot of desire to eat sweets. In this way, Ashwagandha consumed the powder with ghee and mixed it with citrus decay. It’s a lot better than sugar.
  • Ashwagandha can be consumed in the ghee after heating and also can be coated. 
  • Do not take more than one spoon to get the benefits of Ashwagandha. Take it with milk or ghee.

Ashwagandha’s loss and avoiding Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha 

  • Taking an excessive amount of diarrhea can cause vomiting and stomachache.
  • If you take any medicines, be careful about taking Ashwagandha, especially if you take medicines of diabetes, hypertension, engagement, depression, and insomnia.
  • It is beneficial for a pregnant woman not to use Ashwagandha because it can cause abortion.
  • If the operation is going to occur then do not give the patient Ashwagandha.  
  • If there is hyperthyroidism, do not take Ashwagandha. 
  • Even if you get stuck in the stomach, you should not take Ashwagandha. 
  • Ashwagandha reduces blood pressure and it should be cautious even if there is a low BP patient. 
  • Even if there is medicine in diabetes, do not take Ashwagandha with them.  

Treatment and Treatment with Herbs

Treatment with herbs, herb treatment (Health Benefits of Herbs, There are many classes of vegetation. One is that the person who can eat every day as a vegetable. One is the animal that eats but humans do not. One side is the vegetation that is poisonous. And one is the herb. Two types of herbs can be considered as well. One is the herb which is used only in the use of the drug and there is also a class of herbs which is also a medicine, a diet, and a spice. The properties of these are due to the chemicals present in them which have different effects, according to the chemical. Learn about the herbs and the use of herbs in health and in the treatment of diseases. The effect of the herb starts to be light, and there is no specific side effect. Find out the complete information related to herb, then it is hard work of the year, in this shortcut, in which condition, which ayurvedic herbs will be used in the condition.
(And read –   miraculous benefits of herbs  )

Herbs to Boost Immunity for Disease – Herbs Uses to Boost Immune System 

  • Know which plants are the ones who consume disease-resistant power? The herbs have high-quality cinnamon, which licks with honey of grind, increases the immune system.
  • Hard leaf herbs are such herbs that are taken in everyday food and its intake prevents disease-resistant power, especially for digestion, hair, and heart. 
  • An emulsion is also an indigenous herb that is often used in lentils and chutneys, and with the help of cooling in the summer, disease resistance also increases with the body. Vitamin C deficiency, colds, burns in the intestines and diarrhea.
  • Treatment of diarrhea, allergy, nail, and headache with green coriander leaves, then with the help of herbs, the disease also increases immunity.
  • If the consumption of empty stomach ginger juice, black pepper, lemon juice, and honey mixture is eaten every day, the disease resistant force remains strong.
  • Other Ayurvedic prescriptions are for disease-resistant strength. Yashtimandhu and Amla should not look at their properties and eat them every day.

Treatment of Herbs by Swelling – Health Benefits of Herbs for Inflammation 

  • Herbs in Ayurveda are also used to reduce swelling and erosion, whether it is due to the internal intestine or any other cause or injury due to above. The best herb is turmeric, which has many Ayurvedic prescriptions. If arthritis is swelling, then take turmeric milk and heat mustard oil and mix turmeric mixed with it.
  • If there is swelling in the body for some reason then eat the beet sugar every day to correct the digestive system and treat it with beetroot, then this problem will soon be solved.
  • If such a carrot and radish are taken out of her juice, then the swelling will decrease in the body.
  • Even if you consume ginger juice, lemon juice, honey, and black pepper, it is also treated with swelling.
  • If there is inflammation due to anemia, jaundice and intestinal disease, then take naive. Together, add few nuts, peppermool, amla, hearty (heart), painter and powder of Vidanga.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – Treatment with Herbs for Health Benefits of Herbs for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol 

  • There is so much magic in the herb that there is a lot of hypertension and low blood pressure Ayurvedic prescriptions, such that only 2 teaspoons of Jatamansi should be consumed, high blood pressure remains under control.
  • Herbs are used more than once, such as Arjun Bark protects from heart diseases, and also brings high blood pressure under control.
  • Similarly, Ashwagandha, which works in the development of muscle and also calms down the mind, the benefits of this herb has proved to be successful in hypertension.
  • It is not necessary to know the name of the herbs (plants), just to know the texture of this, such as triphala which keeps cholesterol under control and keeps blood pressure under control. In such a way, in Triphala, Amla, Harikey (Harad) and Baheraa. 
  • Regular consumption of amalgam, amaranth, garlic , celery, blood pressure will remain under control.
  • Low blood pressure is also a strange situation for which it is beneficial to use sugarcane juice, salt in water and domestic ghee every day.
  • The advantages of pure goggles, pepper, ginger, legumes, fats, triphala and above mentioned herbs for cholesterol are many. Apart from this, Basil also offers benefits for BP and Cholesterol.

Treat Herbs With Alzheimer’s – Herbs Used To Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Learn Herbs Tips for Alzheimer’s Disease It is a disease of the brain and for this, at least 25-gram food is very beneficial for Ashwagandha powders every day.
  • Alzheimer’s indigenous herb can be cured, whereas only symptoms from allopathic medicine are in control, so take a spoonful of turmeric and a little ghee in hot milk every day.
  • Brahmi and Shankhupshi are the best ayurvedic herbs that are used to strengthen the brain and also protect them from Alzheimer’s and have become less then the symptoms are reduced.
  • Alzheimer’s Ayurvedic treatment is Gotu Kola extract which Gyantntu system enables all but are in the care of the blood pressure to take it with syrup. 
  • Benefits of herbs are said to be on the whole body and health such as Guggal Herbs which are beneficial for cholesterol, Alzheimer’s also benefits.

Treatment of Herbs by Cancer – Health Benefits of Herbs for Cancer 

  • There are many benefits of herbs in severe conditions like cancer. There are many types of cancer and allopathy has a way to erase it and there is no cure for many cancers. But Ayurvedic treatment from hundreds of years has come from the recycling of cancer, which will definitely benefit from doing it in the first phase. 
  • Wonderful wonder, but the sacred cow’s urine is also beneficial for cancer treatment in Ayurvedic treatment. It is found in pure cow’s ghee and drinks every day.
  • The worship of basil is not the same. It is used in many diseases and along with cancer has proved to be a good herb for Ayurvedic treatment. Tulsi seeds, root and leaves should consume the juice of grind 5 times a day.
  • Identification of the herb is difficult, but neem is recognized by everybody and drink juice of this leaf or the fresh soft leaves can be chewed three times a day to get rid of the condition like cancer.
  • The perennial (evergreen) plant always has flowers, white or pink and it is small in height and this is the identity of this herb. The important thing is that in a scientific experiment it has also proved that it has been successful in the treatment of Ayurvedic herbs.
  • By eating Amla, Giloya, Turmeric, Garlic, Ghee Kumari, Ginger, Jowar Juice, Red Chilli, Health Benefits of Herbs and with the help of Cancer.

Treatment of herbs with teeth and gums – Health Benefits of Herbs for Healthy Teeth and Gums 

  • The benefits of herbs are many for teeth and gums such as rash in the teeth, bleeding from the gums, insects in the tooth, and teeth become loose. If there is a pyro in the gums, if you mix the rock salt, the almond peel, the camphor, the black pepper, the almonds, and the cloves together with the gums, then the bleeding will stop the bleeding and the stench will also be erased. 
  • If there is the pain in the gums, massage with mustard oil and turmeric mixture. Only the mustard oil in the mouth, spit and act again, the pain of the teeth will be reduced. 
  • Eat orange and use its peel for the herbs of Dato, then the stairs are cured to rub the tooth.
  • Treat teeth of grinding pomegranate peels and leaves in Ayurvedic treatment of teeth.
  • Treat teeth and gums with herbs, in which mango moth grind teeth.
  • If the teeth become loose, chew the leaves of guava to treat the herbs. Similarly, make a tooth with neem cake and chew the leaves, the germ in the mouth will be destroyed and the teeth will remain strong for long periods.
  •  Seminal tree bark, acacia tree bark, basil is the best of herbs, to protect teeth and gums from rottenness and to keep strong when there is sudden pain in the teeth, it is beneficial to put in cloves mouth. 

Treat Herbs With Arthritis – Herbal Treatment for Arthritis 

  • Arthritis has many herbs prescriptions for arthritis. The simplest is to consume garlic and ginger and keep both of these in a mustard oil of grinding and keep it in a ripe cookie and massage the pair of camphor in the oil every night.
  • Shetty’s finest Ayurvedic herbs for arthritis Make juice of it, take a P. A. or prepared tablet, 3 times a day. 
  • The benefits of herbs are found in arthritis, where there is no such effective prevention in Allopathy. Take turmeric and massage it in the mustard oil on rheumatism.
  • Astragalus is considered useful in Arthritis in Herbs Plants Names. It gets powdered, which should be consumed 3 times a day with the mint, basil, ginger and green tea . 
  • Toxicity in the body and the increase in the medicines can also be responsible for arthritis, then Guggulu is the best medicine for arthritis.

Treatment of Herbs with Diabetes – Health Benefits of Herbs for Diabetes 

  • Diabetes is a disease that has no medicines in the allopathy to eradicate, but the herbs are Ayurvedic prescriptions. If diabetes is consumed twice a day by drinking the powder of jambul seeds, then blood sugar will be reduced. 
  • In Kerala’s Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment, it is recommended to take Amla juice and Turmeric mixture only three times a day.
  • There is a special herb for diabetes, it is Gudmar whose name only indicates that it reduces sugar in the blood.
  • The use of the herb, which is to be done by the diabetic patient, is Triphala twice a day and the juice of empty stomach juice.
  • If the herbs benefit in diabetes, then there is no harm to other body parts of the body, but it is also strong as if neem water is consumed and sugar is in control.
  • It is beneficial for a diabetic patient to consume juice of vine leaf juice.
  • Fenugreek always kept on eating.


Treat Thyroid Herbs – Health Benefits of Herbs for Thyroid 

  • Thyroxine hormone emanating from thyroid gland is very important for the functioning of all other glands. If there is less then there is also trouble, so to keep thyroid healthy, take Ashwagandha powder from 5 gram every day with 10 grams of milk and ghee and sugar in the night, taking treatment of thyroid’s native herb.
  • If hypothyroidism or hyperthyroid condition, then the plant is very useful in balancing. Sucking the root of its root
  • In herb prescription for thyroid, it is beneficial to consume linseed seed and thyroid will become normal.
  • There are many benefits of the herb under the thyroid in wheat. The amount of blood in the body will also increase and the Navchatna will come. Drink 100 grams of juice every day.
  • To maintain the thyroid performance, iodine is essential, which is available in iodized salt and by eating nautical fish. In black walnuts, too much iodine is consumed and it is enough to eat 50 grams every day.

Testosterone – Health Benefits of Herbs for Testosterone

  • Testosterone hormone does not just keep the virgin, but the development of the muscles, the brain keeps on fast and the man lives in a spiral. If the testosterone starts decreasing in the growing ome, treat it with a testosterone-enhancing herb, which is simple and ultimately the remedy is fenugreek seeds. Make fenugreek laddus, eat powdered water, sprouted fenugreek seeds and eat sak with ghee or ghee.
  • Treat the testosterone with its herb, which contains Le Ashwagandha, Viderakand, White muesli, Akkarra, Bukhara, Asparrai and Amla ate twice a day with 10 grams of powdered milk or ghee. 
  • Using herbs to increase testosterone, make a decoction of the bark of cedar tree and take L-Arginine tablet along with it. 
  • Ayurvedic remedies for increasing testosterone include linseed seeds, walnuts, cabbage, potatoes.
  • Ginseng is not made in India but if available, then it is consumed to increase testosterone. 


Treat herbs with hemorrhoids – 

  • To become hemorrhoids, which is also called puffed disease, take the celery in the use of herbs and take it in radish juice. Even if you add black cumin seeds along with it, it will be even more beneficial.
  • Take a cup of herbs for the hemorrhoids, cut the ripe banana into two pieces, put the camphor inside all overnight and swallow them in small pieces without chewing, without chewing.
  • Take the benefits of herbs in hemorrhoids, because allopathy is better than medicine such as the address of Nagdon. Crab leaf of Nagadon is eradicated every day after bloody piles disappear. 
  • To treat the hemorrhoids with herbal herbs, give coconut husks and mix them with buttermilk.
  • To remove the hemorrhoids, do Ayurvedic treatment of neem’s soft leaves. Put the leaf in ghee with a little camphor and put it on the stool door.


Health benefits of herbs You know how beneficial it is to have other health-related problems. Take advantage of herbs because they do not have any side effects, but with good effect on the whole body keeps health up to long life.

Do such curly hair care



Measures to straighten the curly hair: Who is bald, does not care about his child. But this happens in Narois. Ladies’ hair is long and silky and many women have curly hair which can become a headache. Take care of the curly ball before it and treat the pain of the head.

  • It’s a curly hair because you think it’s a good thing because many people like this. Come face-to-face with your child. Never use fine grinders and use a wide-tooth comb or round bristles type hair brush. 
  • If wet, do not comb your hair. Let it dry until you have some moisture and then turn the brush.
  • Use the conditioner.
  • Do not use hair straightening iron. 
  • It is easy to control the wetting of water, but this can worsen hair loss.
  • Insert 2-3 tsp lemon juice in 1 cup of mustard oil and stir in the bottle so that it becomes like emulsion on. It is easy to manage curly hair by applying this emulsion in the hair. Do not put more than this  
  • Silicone spray which makes spraying from top to bottom makes it easy to manage curly hair.   
  • Heat the coconut oil and a little castor oil and put it in the root of the hair. After this washed hair. 
  • Every time shampoo is done, make sure to apply oil in the hair after washing the hair after it is washed, leaving the curly hair easier to control.
  • Put the yellow part of the egg in the bowl and wash it again.
  • Put the cream and curd in the bowl and wash it later. 
  • Put aloe vera juice in banana paste, put it in 30 minutes, and then wash it. 
  • Put raw coconut water in the mixer and roast it. Apply this coconut milk in a bowl. 
  • After washing the hair, add a little bit of teaspoon of tea in a cup of water and 2-3 drops glycerin. Use this as a conditioner. Glycerin keeps moisture and it becomes easy to handle curly hair.

In 7 days, the juice of onion juice again grew – Onion Juice for Hair Growth


Benefits of applying Onion juice on Balo (Onion juice for hair regrowth, benefits of onion juice for hair ): Onion is unique. Along with being unmatched for healthy, the benefits of onion are for skin and hairstyle. If the hair starts falling, the famine starts becoming white, baldness starts, if the hair is curly and small, then all these are treated onion. Eat onion and put the texture of this in a bowl and see how the hair related problems are overcome. 

There is discomfort in putting onions in the hair of a grinding. It is better to first extract the juice of this. To take advantage of putting onion juice on Balaji, make onion juice and take this method to make juice. 

  • In the method of extracting onions, extract juice by using the onion and hand juicer or electric jucifer, then the onion fibers will be separated and will only get juice. 
  • How to make or remove the onion juice? Another solution is to turn the onion into a mixer, store it in a vessel, add water, stir and let it remain for half an hour and filter it. The water which will get onion will be water. The juice of the onion will be separated by the paste of the paste in the cloth. 

Now you know how the juice of onion is extracted. Now the onion juice can be taken for the treatment of hair fall, baldness, to grow hair, to make hair long and to darken hair. Always use fresh juice. 

  • Apply this basic onion juice in such a bowl, then you will get the benefits of onion juice. But keep in mind that this juice is only worn in the root. 
  • By adding onion juice to other herbs juice, the capacity increases. 
  • Let the juice of onion stay in the root for at least an hour or even overnight. 

Onions contain sulfur-based ingredients and other chemicals which protect the hair from falling and helps in growth. 

  • Treat hair fall by onion. Put the juice out of the root of the hair and let it stay for an hour. 
  • Use the onion juice of hair fall three days a week for three months. 
  • Do not use shampoo if you do a hair fall treatment 

After the hair fall, new hair does not grow and baldness starts to appear. To grow back hair in a Onions and Honey Hair Regrowth Treatment ( Onions And Honey Hair Regrowth Treatment 

  • Onion juice extracted as stated above. 
  • Give half a cup of onion juice and two spoons of honey and a spoonful of vermicelli. 
  • In the onions and hair regrowth treatment, this mixture will be left in the root of Balo for one hour. 
  • For three months this experiment should be done four days a week. 
  • You can also mix coconut oil or olive oil in onion juice. 

If the famine starts to become white, then treat white hair with onion juice.

  • Take onion juice 
  • Gudhal leaves and flowers fry 
  • Curry leaf feather
  • Take Amla juice
  • The juice of jatamansi either separates the water from soaking water into the water.
  • Divide the juice of Brahmi and Bhrigraj leaves, either water the powder mixed in water.
  • Mix all these in the iron vessel and let it stay overnight. 
  • Apply this mixture to 6months every day if the hair starts slowing down slowly. 
  • With a pinch of red chili and a pinch of black pepper, blood circulation will be faster and the new hair will get faster. 

You can convert this formula to white hair to convert to hair oil to get anion benefits for gray hair ( onion benefits for gray hair ).

  • The above mentioned is to prepare all the ingredients in the iron vessel and add coconut oil in two parts, one part mustard and sesame oil and a little bit of castor oil and heat on low flame till the water are released. 
  • Submit it in the bottle.
  • Every day, apply the hair to Anilan in his hair. 
  • Apply on the onion juice to the egg white and lemon juice mixed with a spoon, the hair will become sofas, shiny, salty and bouncy.
  • Use nuts to feed the eggs, with the juice of onions, hair will be dense and soft even with silky. This is a better solution for the lifeless baby. 
  • Mix onion juice and aloe vera and apply a spoonful of coconut oil on the night of the night and if the washing is done then the hair will also become soft. 
  • Apply a mixture of onion juice and lemon juice 10 minutes before washing hair and see how the hair will rise. 
  • If the juice of onion juice is mixed with neem juice, then the Russian gets destroyed.
  • If you add garlic juice to the juice of onions, then there is an infection or fungal infections, then it is destroyed. 
  • If you put onion juice in the sour yogurt and put it in the root, then the hair will become dark even with the destruction of the Russian. 

The benefits of anion are many for the body. In the child-related problem, eat aniyan and use onion juice. Elements from onions create new hair, hair growth, hair starts to be black and hair loss is stopped. This is for the benefit of onion juice. Be sure to follow. Eating more onions

History of Sir Chhoturam, Introduction and Jubilee


History of Sir Chhoturam: Sir Chhotoram was born on November 24, 1881, in Jhajjar village of Rohtak district.

Sir Chhotu Ram’s real name Richhpal was | Chhoturam was the youngest of his entire family, so he was called Chhotu.

His name was also Chhoturam in school. Chhatu Ram’s grandfather’s name was Ramaratna. Ramaratna had ten acres of barren and baran land and his father’s name was Sukhiram.


Chhotu Ram received primary education in his middle school, Jhajjar, located on the distance of twelve million from his village. After that Chhotu Ram joined the Krishi Mission School, Delhi, but the cost of education was very difficult.

Once Chhoturam went with his father to take a loan from the moneylenders of Snake, then the moneylender insulted him. This was a conch shell towards making Choturam a super-human.

A revolutionary young man was trapped inside Chhotu Ram. Now Chhoturam did not tolerate any injustice, he used to stand against every injustice.

Chhotu Ram made the first strike against the charge of the Christian Mission School hostel. Seeing the operation of this strike, Chhotu Ram was known as “General Robert”.

After passing Chhotu Ram Intermediate examination in 1903, he obtained a degree in graduation at St Stephen’s College, Delhi. Chhoturam established himself as Vaidik Dharma and Aryasamaj as the best model and character student at the beginning of his life.

In 1905, Chhoturamji served as private secretary of Rampal Raja and by 1907 edited the English newspaper Hindustan, then from here, Chhotoram went to Agra for the degree of Vakatala degree.


Chhoturam went to Agra and became the superintendent of the Jat Hostel of Agra. Chhoturam obtained a degree of advocacy in 1911 while staying here, Chhoturam studied the social condition of Meerut and Agra.

In 1911, Chhoturam started advocating with Chaudhary Lal Chand and formed Jat Sabha in that year.

Choturam had made his place in society as a great revolutionary and social reformer. Chhoturam founded many educational institutions. In the business of advocacy, Chaudhary added new dimensions.

Chhoturam not taking a false case, staying away from deceit, giving free legal advice to the poor, etc. All made their life ideal.

By following these principles, Chhoturam also went further in life and in the profession too. In 1915 Chhoturam started the newspaper of the Jat “Gaza Naam”, which is the oldest newspaper in Haryana, this newspaper is still printed.


Chaudhary Chhoturam took part in the independence struggle. He formed a Congress party in Rohtak and Rohtak became the first party head of the Congress party.

In the district, Choturam’s indiscriminate English government was also shivering. Chaudhary ji wrote articles and works very dreadful in English, then Chhoturam left the Congress and nobody agreed with the non-cooperation movement of Chukturam Gandhiji.

He believed that this movement would not benefit the farmers, they wanted to fight the freedom struggle against the constitutional line.

Though there was a difference of opinion on the subject, Chhoturam was a good felicity of Gandhiji. Chhotu Ram extended his work area to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and formed a strong organization of Jat Samaj.

To bring Arya Samaj and Jat society to a stage, Swami Shraddhanand and Bhatinda Gurukul and manager Chaudhary Piram Raja became associated and became a legal adviser.

In order to suppress the movement against the Punjab Rowlatt Act, martial law was imposed, resulting in a strange turn in the country’s politics.

On one hand, Gandhiji’s non-cooperation movement was on the other side, Choturam took the policy of cooperation with the British rule.


On June 11, 1940, the Act came into force. This law prohibiting bonded wages has expelled workers from exploitation and on Sunday the shops and institutions will be closed,

Payments will not be deducted on small mistakes; On 8th April 1935, Dinabandu Chaudhary Chhoturam created a law to free the farmer and the laborer from the clutches of the securities. Under this law, if the loan has been doubled twice, then the debtor loan- Will be deemed free.