Benefits and Disadvantages of Basil – Tulsi Benefits and Side Effects

Benefits and Disadvantages of Basil - Tulsi Benefits and Side Effects

Benefits and disadvantages of Tulsi (Tulsi benefits and side effects, is worshiped because it is the home of Lakshmi Mata. A basil plant is found in every house, and it does not only offer worship, but also in the form of medicine. Basil leaves, seeds, sticks and roots also come in the work of medicine.and how to get the benefits of tulsi leaf use tulsi leaf.

Benefits of Tulsi in Fever – Tulsi benefits for fever 

  • Fever is a symptom of infection in the body and to remove the fever, tulsi juice alone should be taken with honey, cardamom, cloves and black pepper three times a day, fever is suppressed.
  • Whether there is a fever of malaria or cholera or dysentery, boil the basil leaf with ginger, lemon, black pepper and drink this water with honey twice a day, the fever is suppressed soon because tulsi There are many such chemicals that are insecticidal and anti-fungal.
  • Tulsi Benefits for small children from Buddo are special in fever, just remove the juice of citrus and give the child a spoon every four times a day.


Use of Basil in Diabetes – Tulsi Benefits for diabetics 

  • Benefits for diabetic patients is basil leaves  , it keeps the blood sugar under control, just daily Tulsi extracts or oils, basil leaf powder or basil juice. If you consume it, it is full of freshness and energy all day long.
  • Tulsi benefits are not only for control of blood sugar but it also helps to build insulin and also makes use of the heart stronger.
  • Because basil leaves contain poison-resistant elements, it keeps the body healthy and with the kidneys, which have the effect of diabetes, they also remain healthy only by consuming regular basil juice.


Tulsi remedy remedies – Tulsi for stress relief

  • In today’s stressful life, hormones come out of the glands that spoil the brain and physical condition. For this tension, Tulsi Green TPA and Tulsi Green Tea Benefit will get poison, the function of the glands will increase and sleep will be well taken at night.
  • In Basil, eugenol, and caryophyllene which dissolve in water on the preparation of basil green tea and reduce the stress in the body. Green tea has theobromine, which is helpful in suppressing stress.
  • The tulsi benefit, which is the beginning of the day, and the tulsi benefit which is the beginning of the day, no matter how tense the stress is on the whole day, its body and mind will not be affected. Tulsi leaf green tea at night and found a good sleep.

Treat kidney stones with basil juice – Tulsi for kidney stones 

  • Pulses of Tulsi juice or basil leaves found in green tea, it prevents uric acid in the kidneys, so that the stone does not form.
  • Benefits of Tulsi for gall bladder stone To get the benefits of basil in the kidney stones, basil juice mixed with honey is PA and stone, so to taste and to take out the juice of basil juice and pattarchatta leaf juice Take 15 to Dino.

Take Tulsi leaves away from cancer – Tulsi leaves benefits for cancer 

  • Basil health benefits: Basil has a lot of benefits and protecting against cancer is one of them, just eat a spoonful of basil juice every day, then the chemicals in it will remove the poison from the body, destroy the bacteria, Will increase the efficiency and keep cancer away.
  • Tulsi green tea ke fayde: Take only 10 leaves of basil and regularly drink it juice or drink with the green tea and drink different types of cancers.
  • Keeping it safe from cancer, when the principle of eugenol in Basil and grinding the leaves, this element comes out of the basil juice, hence the Basil juice is also beneficial.

Helping to stop smoking medicinal properties of Tulsi – Benefit of tulsi to help you stop smoking 

  • Basil leaves benefits for smoking i: If you can not stop smoking then know the advantages of basil leaf which can stop smoking. Just keep basil leaves and chew them every day and if you want to smoke, after chewing tea after chewing betel leaves, the test will not be good and the cessation which is inside you will be suppressed and smoking will stop.
  • Many people use dried basil leaves in exchange for tobacco and its smoking gradually eliminates the desire to smoke tobacco.
  • Smoking is to be stopped and to avoid the effect of tobacco cancer, continue to drink basil juice every day. This leads to harmful tobacco chemicals in the lungs and in the mind also the desire for smoking decreases.

 Benefits of Basil Facial – Tulsi Benefits for skin 

  • For skin learn how to use basil leaves – just grind it and put it on the face of other ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, lemon juice mixed with black stains, wrinkles and lifeless skin. Comes acceleration.
  • Benefits of Basil (tulsi benefit for face i) is  that if it is nail and acne, then apply juice of basil and neem leaves, then the skin becomes perfectly softer.
  • If any worm has bitten, then the extraction of basil will reduce irritation and pain.
  • Basil is also a panacea for skin in eczema, herpes and itching.


Use of Tulsi for Balo – Tulsi benefits for hair 

  • For the benefit of Basil, it is that if it becomes a Russian, then it is erased, just massage the roots of basil juice and mango juice mixed with juice.
  • If there is the shortage of hair , shortage of hair , short hair and hair is weak or lifeless, then if you keep on sucking basil juice and drink it, then there will be the difference in one month.


Benefits of Basil boost immunity – Tulsi leaves benefits for immunity 

  • In addition to eugenol in Tulsi, there are many elements that expel toxins out of the body, improve digestion, purify the blood, strengthen the glands, resulting in the increase of immune system from basil Goes.
  • The tulsi benefits of Tulsi is that by consuming it, mucus exits from the body and defects are extinguished, which increases immunity.
  • Regular intake of Tulsi leaf, antibodies in the blood are in good evidence and the immune system increases and the lymph glands also work in the vigor.

Treat the pain with the benefit of Basil – Tulsi benefits for pain relief 

  • The pain in the stomach is due to dysfunction or due to gas, or pain in the body or pain in the head, Tulsi juice is a panacea for everyone.
  • If you get hurt, grind the basil leaves and coat it with turmeric and mustard oil and tie the bandage will reduce the pain.
  • Green Tulsi Tea Benefits  :  acidity basil juice for pain in the stomach to take full advantage of drink or basil green tea and redeemed from pain because in Basil chemical fix all disorders |


 Treat diarrhea with the medicinal properties of Tulsi – Tulsi benefits for loose motion 

  • If there is a scab for any reason, then break the basil leaf on the basil plant in the pot in the house, grind it and keep drinking it three times a day.
  • Due to the juice of paan (eating pan) mixed with basil juice, diarrhea is also closed.
  • Benefits of basil extracts or basil juice is very effective in getting rid of diarrhea because it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and diarrhea, especially if it is caused by bacteria or fungus, the benefits of basil can be found for diarrhea.

Benefits of Basil juice for irregular mahavari – Tulsi benefits for irregular periods 

  • Many women suffer pain during the mohawri and in such cases, the juice of Tulsi juice or dry basil leaves, celery, Tamal Patra, Nimm gum and dry ginger boiled water and drink this Kavitha, it is necessary to reduce the pain.
  • If there is a propagation of blood during the Mohave or internal blood, then take the root of basil and take it with the leaves of paan and keep on drinking the decoction of basil leaves, then the cervical discomfort gets cured.
  • In irregular menstruation, only the juice of Tulsi or Ashok bark mixed with Lodhara and the preparation of the decoction of Mahavari will start coming at the right time and it is also easy to conceive.
  • Tulsi seeds health benefits for women are numerous. Women should eat Tulsi seeds because the Basil seeds prove very beneficial in all these troubles.



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