Do such curly hair care

Do such curly hair care


Measures to straighten the curly hair: Who is bald, does not care about his child. But this happens in Narois. Ladies’ hair is long and silky and many women have curly hair which can become a headache. Take care of the curly ball before it and treat the pain of the head.

  • It’s a curly hair because you think it’s a good thing because many people like this. Come face-to-face with your child. Never use fine grinders and use a wide-tooth comb or round bristles type hair brush. 
  • If wet, do not comb your hair. Let it dry until you have some moisture and then turn the brush.
  • Use the conditioner.
  • Do not use hair straightening iron. 
  • It is easy to control the wetting of water, but this can worsen hair loss.
  • Insert 2-3 tsp lemon juice in 1 cup of mustard oil and stir in the bottle so that it becomes like emulsion on. It is easy to manage curly hair by applying this emulsion in the hair. Do not put more than this  
  • Silicone spray which makes spraying from top to bottom makes it easy to manage curly hair.   
  • Heat the coconut oil and a little castor oil and put it in the root of the hair. After this washed hair. 
  • Every time shampoo is done, make sure to apply oil in the hair after washing the hair after it is washed, leaving the curly hair easier to control.
  • Put the yellow part of the egg in the bowl and wash it again.
  • Put the cream and curd in the bowl and wash it later. 
  • Put aloe vera juice in banana paste, put it in 30 minutes, and then wash it. 
  • Put raw coconut water in the mixer and roast it. Apply this coconut milk in a bowl. 
  • After washing the hair, add a little bit of teaspoon of tea in a cup of water and 2-3 drops glycerin. Use this as a conditioner. Glycerin keeps moisture and it becomes easy to handle curly hair.

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