History of Sir Chhoturam, Introduction and Jubilee

History of Sir Chhoturam, Introduction and Jubilee

History of Sir Chhoturam: Sir Chhotoram was born on November 24, 1881, in Jhajjar village of Rohtak district.

Sir Chhotu Ram’s real name Richhpal was | Chhoturam was the youngest of his entire family, so he was called Chhotu.

His name was also Chhoturam in school. Chhatu Ram’s grandfather’s name was Ramaratna. Ramaratna had ten acres of barren and baran land and his father’s name was Sukhiram.


Chhotu Ram received primary education in his middle school, Jhajjar, located on the distance of twelve million from his village. After that Chhotu Ram joined the Krishi Mission School, Delhi, but the cost of education was very difficult.

Once Chhoturam went with his father to take a loan from the moneylenders of Snake, then the moneylender insulted him. This was a conch shell towards making Choturam a super-human.

A revolutionary young man was trapped inside Chhotu Ram. Now Chhoturam did not tolerate any injustice, he used to stand against every injustice.

Chhotu Ram made the first strike against the charge of the Christian Mission School hostel. Seeing the operation of this strike, Chhotu Ram was known as “General Robert”.

After passing Chhotu Ram Intermediate examination in 1903, he obtained a degree in graduation at St Stephen’s College, Delhi. Chhoturam established himself as Vaidik Dharma and Aryasamaj as the best model and character student at the beginning of his life.

In 1905, Chhoturamji served as private secretary of Rampal Raja and by 1907 edited the English newspaper Hindustan, then from here, Chhotoram went to Agra for the degree of Vakatala degree.


Chhoturam went to Agra and became the superintendent of the Jat Hostel of Agra. Chhoturam obtained a degree of advocacy in 1911 while staying here, Chhoturam studied the social condition of Meerut and Agra.

In 1911, Chhoturam started advocating with Chaudhary Lal Chand and formed Jat Sabha in that year.

Choturam had made his place in society as a great revolutionary and social reformer. Chhoturam founded many educational institutions. In the business of advocacy, Chaudhary added new dimensions.

Chhoturam not taking a false case, staying away from deceit, giving free legal advice to the poor, etc. All made their life ideal.

By following these principles, Chhoturam also went further in life and in the profession too. In 1915 Chhoturam started the newspaper of the Jat “Gaza Naam”, which is the oldest newspaper in Haryana, this newspaper is still printed.


Chaudhary Chhoturam took part in the independence struggle. He formed a Congress party in Rohtak and Rohtak became the first party head of the Congress party.

In the district, Choturam’s indiscriminate English government was also shivering. Chaudhary ji wrote articles and works very dreadful in English, then Chhoturam left the Congress and nobody agreed with the non-cooperation movement of Chukturam Gandhiji.

He believed that this movement would not benefit the farmers, they wanted to fight the freedom struggle against the constitutional line.

Though there was a difference of opinion on the subject, Chhoturam was a good felicity of Gandhiji. Chhotu Ram extended his work area to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and formed a strong organization of Jat Samaj.

To bring Arya Samaj and Jat society to a stage, Swami Shraddhanand and Bhatinda Gurukul and manager Chaudhary Piram Raja became associated and became a legal adviser.

In order to suppress the movement against the Punjab Rowlatt Act, martial law was imposed, resulting in a strange turn in the country’s politics.

On one hand, Gandhiji’s non-cooperation movement was on the other side, Choturam took the policy of cooperation with the British rule.


On June 11, 1940, the Act came into force. This law prohibiting bonded wages has expelled workers from exploitation and on Sunday the shops and institutions will be closed,

Payments will not be deducted on small mistakes; On 8th April 1935, Dinabandu Chaudhary Chhoturam created a law to free the farmer and the laborer from the clutches of the securities. Under this law, if the loan has been doubled twice, then the debtor loan- Will be deemed free.

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