Homemade remedies for fat / weight gain

Homemade remedies for fat / weight gain

the easiest way to weight gain / overweight Hindi goa sleeve is Nirali to life those who have prescriptions to bother with obesity and weight loss Finding and on the other hand, people who want to be fat because they do not like them with their lean flaws. If you are in another category, then you should be happy because lean and fit are a sign of goodness.

Easy Ways to Increase / Grow Weight – Mota Hone Ka Tarika 

  • Do yoga every day and increase your weight.
  • Soak 10 almonds and acne in the water every day.
  • Grind almonds and drink it with the milk of butter, ghee, and jaggery mixed.
  • Dates are also suitable.
  • Make your diet chart.
  • Banana eating all day long.
  • To increase weight, eat ghee laddus.
  • In winter, eat ghee, fenugreek flour, dry gourd, and dried fruit laddus.
  • Eating a flower mound helps to increase weight.
  • Increase the consumption of fruit vegetables.
  • Eat urad dal and increase muscle mass.
  • You can also use diet supplements.
  • Exercise daily.

However, if you want to be fat then read it here, you have to eat food, you have to eat, you can try these tips which you can try at home. article and if you are underweight, then you must read and follow it. 

What should I do to be fat ??? There are different types of body. This is described in three types. One is the endomorph type whose body is only thick and it is thick even if it is eaten less. The second is mesomorph which is the muscle of the stomach and appears to be muscular and fit. The third type is the Actormart which is thin and thin and it is difficult to gain weight. If you are in the Mesomorph category then you can become more muscular by diet and exercise. If you are in the Ectomorph category, you will see less progress while eating too much diet and exercising. You have to be satisfied that you are healthy and fit. The way to be fat for a type of person is to take a diet of more protein and burst and exercises like an exercise in weight training like weight lifting, and that too only three times in the week is that the hormonal Imbalance in bodyUse  (household methods of weight gain), . Those who have mesomorph type can increase their muscles by exercising and right foods and can actually become like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The above is described extremes but most people are in the middle of these types. If weight is low, then it is not difficult to increase it.  is enough.  you have read any mota hone take get results and better than Ditoks you adopted before the | 

How to become fat ?? : What to do to be fat ?? For this, you have to take out all of your biggest detoxes first. Detox:

  • Nothing should be eaten solid food for three days.
  • If you want to be thick, add ginger juice, black pepper powder, mint juice and lemon juice in hot water and drink some salt and honey mixed. With this, the stomach will be cleansed, toxins will come out from the body and metabolism will improve due to which the body can absorb the diet well.


  • Do this experiment for two days. If it is good for 3-4 days, it is better to keep the fruit juice on the third day so that it can be nourished. 
  • Are you constipated? So remove this. Take the Triphala powder after eating it every night. Constipation will get rid of it and the digestive system will also improve. From these actions, your body will be able to absorb nutrient content. This recipe is the most effective recipe for early fat 


What to do to be fat?  This question will always bother you, for this, you have to change your lifestyle, read it here:

  • There is no fat drug. Do not increase the weight by eating a pill.
  • The thickness of medicine is that you make your lifestyle compliant to be able to increase weight.
  • It should take a full night sleep for 8 hours.
  • Be free from stress and if not in control then go for counseling.
  • Stay fresh in the air.
  • The closed room is harmful to health.
  • If tobacco, alcohol, and alcohol intake are stopped then the health of the body will improve and it will become healthier. 


Now let’s talk about the issue and that is to  increase the weight,

  • Pay attention to diet
  • To be thick, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet regularly.
  • Fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, nuts, cereals, and pulses should be filled in the food supply of your food.
  • The amount of protein in the diet should be 200 gm and muscles will increase.
  • To make health, eat eggs, fish, chicken, and meat for daily use.
  • Do not forsake the vegetable and the fruit.
  • If you take 4000 to 5000 calories every day you will gain weight in the body.
  • Eat more protein and work well together.
  • In order to get obsessed tips and body dispersal, eat empty stomach dates in the morning and drink milk together.
  • The method of thick fat by date is very effective and the habit of drinking milk daily. 


When using thick methods, do not use weight gain supplements, try to increase weight by weight. Avoid medicines for weight gain and obesity.

What to eat fat?  You will find the answer here which will make a difference to your body quickly. So now let’s go to the Weight Badhane Ki Sample Diet:

  • Breakfast: Always remember that while making fat, keep the breakfast heavier. Take one liter of milk daily in half a liter of milk, 1-2 eggs and any grains of whole grain.
  • Lunch: Lentils, boiled grams or rajmaa 1 cup yogurt or paneer, meat or fish or poultry or egg, because according to Ayurveda, if the fire element grows at noon, then take enough nutritious and heavy dose on lunch to increase weight.
  • Eat milk or fruits and nuts in the afternoon breakfast. One or two fists horn grains and one banana are enough. Remember that weight gain increases with tea and coffee, soft drinks and so on.
  • Take dinner lightly so that there is no burden on the digestive system, but nutritious more like veg and protein does. 

Now, remember that weight always has been told what to do, according to your estimation, your weight will increase quickly, eat nutrition and increase your weight. 


This is the method of being some fat here mentioned here and you have to make changes in your eating habits.

  • If you want to be fat, then eat food slowly and chew at chewing gum. Must have juice in the mouth. 
  • Do not drink water with food and drink water only after one hour of eating. 
  • The  most important thing in Mote hone k upay is that if you do not eat at night before 8 o’clock, then vata disease is born.
  • If you are complaining of stomach gas or constipation before taking measures to be fat, first treat it as long as your digestion is not okay, it is useless to try weight loss. 

If you have more potency to digest, you can eat 4 to 6 eggs in the morning or drink two liters of milk or both. Now what you can do to get it quicker to go, there are many ready-made items in the market that are got hygiene and there are many ready-made things that increase the mass but use it with the doctor’s advice.

Ayurvedic medicine has been instrumental in creating several herbs that muscular improve you health reinforces Now you mentioned in Ayurveda |

  • Ayurveda believes that the reason for being lean is due to excessive outbreaks so that the use of such herbs is to suppress the vata. Oil and ghee are used more to control the vata. Nuts such as Singhania, cashew nuts, and almonds are also useful. Cumin seeds, asafoetida, celery should also be used in the food. 
  • Even if the brain is more playful, the human being appears thin. If there is to be thick, then for the brain, can be used in the form of Shankhuppi, Mandukparni, Bhringraj and Brahmi and Jatamansi. 
  • Amla and Ashwagandha are an excellent tonic for bodybuilding. Asparagus also has chemicals for men and women and keeps the brain balanced. (Read more – Benefits of Amla )
  • Triphala keeps the stomach clean and the intestines are healthy, from which nourishing elements are eclipsed well.  
  • In obesity, it can also be used in the commercial, white or black muesli.
  • In this obesity, make a mixer of Ashwagandha, Amla Churpurna, Yashtimadhu, Triphala, Viqirikand, Mousseline powder and take it twice a day in Milk.

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